Along with her music, Jaime brings a very powerful message of
Love, Hope and Forgiveness through personal testimony. 
For the past 20 years she has traveled throughout the United States, New Zealand and Canada sharing this message. She pulls from many life experiences, the ups and downs, that fit perfectly into what she calls "Journeying in Grace".  

From her exciting and challenging journey into the Catholic Faith to her 20 year struggle with infertility, Jaime wears her heart on her sleeve and is vulnerable with her audience. She weaves together personal witness, music and the teachings of our Catholic faith and presents it in a way that touches hearts. 

In addition to concerts, one night retreats, and events, Jaime enjoys sharing her music in liturgical celebrations throughout the weekend, usually singing a prelude song before Mass and a reflection song after communion.


Types of Events

 * Single Afternoon or Evening presentations
   (Jaime likes to call them 'one day retreats') 

 * Women's Conferences

 * Banquets and Fundraising Events

 * Pro-Life Events (Singing and/or Speaking) 
 * 40 Days For Life Rallies

 * Youth and College Events

Topic Choices

* "Celebrating Christ...Celebrating Life"

* "Journeying in Grace"
* "Love's Work Is Never Done. Beyond the Walls
    of the Church"

* "Beauty and Hope in Suffering"
   (a beautiful Lenten program)

* "The Joy of Christmas"
   (Advent and Christmas presentation)

Parish Missions

There is no doubt that Jaime’s music is amazing.  Her powerful voice is equaled only by her powerful message.  However, what if we told you that you could double the effectiveness of her visit to your church by booking a parish mission that includes Jaime and her husband, a former Catholic youth minister, now Social Worker, Pete?

Whenever Jaime and Pete travel somewhere together to minister they leave an impression that simply never goes away.  Whether it is youth retreats and Pro life conferences in New Zealand, Parish talks and concerts in Hawaii, or Pro life banquets across the United States, Jaime and Pete always leave everyone blessed, entertained and inspired to live their faith.

At this time Jaime and Pete are only able to present 5 or 6 Parish Missions per year due to Pete's work schedule. 

If you would like to get Jaime and Pete on your calendar for the upcoming year, it is best to call right away.

Missions with Jaime and Pete are best for ages 10 and Up!