Join Pete and Jaime for their weekly show "Sacred Heart Saturdays!"

Starting June 6th, 2020


       This is the start of a shared ministry between this dynamic and offbeat couple that has been in the works for some time. Tune in every Saturday and enjoy witty banter, ministry news, the weekly gospel reading, a “why do Catholics” segment and music from Jaime.

       The purpose of this ministry is to help people heal, learn and grow. These shows are just the beginning of some exciting things to come as Jaime and Pete set out on a new adventure and pray/dream their way into the next chapter of their lives which includes a much larger ministry in Southern Idaho aimed at helping young people during difficult transitions. More information on that “dream” will come as things unfold.


Tune in Saturday nights and consider booking Jaime and Pete for your next Parish mission or church retreat.

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Video Archives for Sacred Heart Saturdays

Starting June 6th, 2020 we will start posting our Video's from our LIVE FB Show on this page so you can watch at a later time in case you miss the LIVE posts or if you do not use FaceBook. Stay tuned...   


EPISODE 1 - "Faith, Hope and Love"  6/06/2020

Join Pete and Jaime in their very first episode of 'Sacred Heart Saturdays'. You will hear a funny story about Jaime (the 'Ghost' in the Basement). In the Why Do Catholics Segment you will learn about the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and why Jaime and Pete used this name for the program. Pete has an excellent reflection on this weekends Gospel Reading of John 3:16-18 and Jaime shares 2 Songs!


EPISODE 2 - "The Bread of Life"  6/13/2020

In this episode Jaime puts Pete's "Walmart pants" on display, More Ministry News, Gospel Reflection and the story about the infamous Fish Stamp. Jaime also shares the song "I Am The Bread of Life". Pete gives a really beautiful reflection on John 6:51-58. We hope you enjoy!